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The Perfect Swimsuit

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be tough. No matter what your body type is, your swimsuit will make or break you this summer, so here are a few tips to make sure you’re looking your best.

Men's Perfect SwimsuitWith all of the clothes you wear the most important aspect is fit, and swimwear is no different. Those board shorts that go past your knees and have huge cargo pockets make you look more like a preteen than the stylish man you are. The key for this summer is to go short and slim. If you are looking for a good length, try going a couple inches shorter than your shortest shorts. (You wouldn’t want an awkward tan line when you put on your shorts a few days after the beach.) If you’re still not sure on the length, aim for mid-thigh to a few inches above your knee. As for the leg opening, go narrow but not tight. If they are too wide they can give your legs appearance of being scrawny.

Once you’ve nailed the fit, it’s time to pick a color and pattern. Keep it simple and classic and you will never go wrong. If you are on the slim or athletic side don’t be afraid to try bright or bold colors and patterns. Just remember the brighter and bolder the pattern, the more attention you draw to yourself. If you’re a little bit heavier though, don’t worry, just stick to darker solids like navy or black.

Now that you are almost ready to choose the perfect swimwear, here are a few words of advice before you make a final decision. Stay away from elastic waists; a flat front will be more flattering and make you look trimmer. When choosing between an option with a fly and one without, the former will give you a little more modesty as you get out of the water. And finally, pick something you feel confident in and you will usually never go wrong.

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A New Kind of Store: Everlane

Ever wonder why that designer t-shirt costs way more than you think it should? So did the founders of a new breed of retail store called Everlane. By cutting out the middleman and selling products directly to the customer via their online store, they are able to sell quality goods at lower prices (all of their products are less than $100). Some of my favorites are the canvas weekender (shown above) which costs $95, and the essential belt and buckle (below) for only $40. If you happen to be in New York you can check out their four day popup store which will be open from today until Sunday (July 1st).