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Shorts for Summer

It’s only a week into official spring, but it already feels like summer out. With the temp reaching the upper 80s during the day I’ve had to start thinking about my warm weather clothes and updating my summer wardrobe. I decided to start off with some new shorts, so I hit up the nearby outlet mall and found these:  top and middle – J. Crew Gramercy Chino Shorts for $30, and bottom – GAP Outlet $14.99.

Social Media Style: Layering

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In addition to the various single Social Media Style posts, I thought I would start grouping some of the pictures together. Here are a few examples and some thoughts on layering.


Layers are much more efficient at keeping you warm in colder temperatures.
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You can mix pretty much any patterns, even stripes and plaid can work together.
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They also make it easy to add a bright color to a look.

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