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Men's MVMT Watch

It’s been exactly a year since I ordered my MVMT watch, and with MVMT just dropping their new line of chronographs, I figured now is the perfect time to review it. When I got mine, they were still relatively new to the watch scene, but a year later I’m pretty impressed with how it has held up.


The clean, minimalist design of these watches caught my eye right away. I opted for the tan leather strap with the silver and white face, because it goes with almost anything. The modern look is perfect for almost any occasion, whether it’s hanging out on the water during the day or out to dinner at night. The tan leather strap makes it stand out from all my other watches and has taken on a cool worn coloring over the past year.  Though they do offer a metal link band, but the leather band is (in my opinion) the classier option.

I love almost everything about the face, especially how minimalist it is, with no extra writing and only silver marks for each hour. My only comment would be to have just the bowtie logo (sans-“MVMT”) in silver at the top. The “MVMT” sort of throws off the balance and symmetry. Alternatively, it would have been cool to see the MVMT and bowtie logo in silver at the 3 o’clock hour instead of the date and silver mark.

Another unique aspect of this watch (at least for me) is the size of the face. Coming in at 45mm wide, it definitely makes a statement. It took some getting used to, but it seems to be about par for most watches these days.


With MVMT being so new when I bought mine, there wasn’t too much about the quality of the watches they produced. According to their website, they “strive to create quality timepieces crafted with a refined attention to detail.” When my watch came, I was impressed with the quality and still am after wearing it for a year (albeit not everyday). Given the size, it’s not as heavy as you might expect. It’s definitely not the highest quality watch you could buy, but it’s pretty good for the cost.

The quartz movement keeps great time, and the leather strap is incredibly comfortable. After wearing it all day you barely notice it is there. The strap has also held up remarkably well. It’s definitely darkened some over time, but it’s done so in a way that makes it look vintage and worn rather than dirty and gross.

MVMT Watch Brand

When I ordered my watch a year ago, I wasn’t sure where MVMT (pronounced movement) would go. Would they fade off and not be heard of again? Would they get stuck offering the same watches in the same style, just changing the color choices? Neither of those seemed to be the case, with their new line of chronographs, options for women, and more material and color choices than ever.

I have definitely been happy with my MVMT watch, and see myself heading back eventually to pick up one of the new chronographs. If you’re looking for a modern, affordable watch to add to your collection, I’d definitely recommend MVMT. (Plus, if you want to support me via an affiliate link, head over to their website via this link.)

Men's MVMT Watch

Men's MVMT Watch

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